FlatPonies is an independent game development studio, part of the VRUnicorns family, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Rebots is one of the games which we are currently working on. Check out to see what else we are up too.
Don’t be a lazy donkey!


Jakob Rasmussen

Game Director & Programmer

Felix Sherar

Game & Sound Designer + Composer

Julie Heyde

Game Master & BizDev

Alice Persson

Level Designer

Simon Post

Art Director & Game Designer

Mauro Lourenço

3D Modeller

John O'Donnell

Game Designer & Programmer

Edit Hansson


Regö Porkoláb

Producer & Community Developer

Daniel Staal

3D Modeller, Animator & VFX Artist

David Rasmussen


Jeppe Faber


Casper Kaminaga

Sound Designer

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