Rebots is a first-person management adventure game where you transform the climate of asteroids to settle wacky alien clients. Expand their communities by building production loops, exploring the solar system and gathering & crafting resources with your crew of (mostly) intelligent Rebots.

Experience a Galactic Adventure

In Rebots, you play as a new hire at the Rebots Corporation which specializes in terraforming asteroids to fit the needs of different alien species. You’ve been sent to a new exciting frontier known by the locals simply as “The Asteroid Field”. But due to cost cutting, your star cruiser had a rough landing and crashed into the local Spaceport. The inhabitants are a bit peeved at you, but it’s hard to tell how much is genuine frustration and what’s them trying to wring glibs out of you. Either way, you’re here now and it’s time to start your new job!

Terraform asteroids with your Rebots

Rebots are your trusty helpers, from the simple Worker all the way up to the Constructor. They are all uniquely qualified to be an important part of your crew and in order to terraform the asteroids, you will have to leverage all of their capabilities by connecting them together to automate the process. Besides the Rebots, you will meet a wide variety of quirky aliens with unique and fun personalities. Most aliens will reward you with new and interesting jobs, as well as rewards, so you can upgrade your operation.

Key Features

  ●  Program Robots and Automate – Instruct your crew of intelligent Rebots to automate operations.
  ●  Build and Balance Delicate Ecosystems – Change and maintain the climates of planets to match the requirements of each alien faction while dealing with local fauna and flora.
  ●  Experience a Galactic Adventure – Your character’s aspiration is to climb the Corporate Ladder of the Rebots Corporation but there is a long journey from the bottom to the top.
  ●  Build Alien Communities – Get to know multiple factions throughout your adventure and learn their preferences to match their outlandish needs for homes.



They march and help out wherever they can at the command of the supervisors. Take good care of them.


Get those blocky curves on top of a collection of mushrooms or a bush of mintnuts and your workers will (you would never have guessed) pick those things up.


Get the various flora to the vaporizer, and you will see transformation happen before your very optics.


The opposite effect of the PickUp. Great for depositing important (or useless) resources.


Bit self-explanatory, but you can combine resources here and the combiner will create tasty surprises for the whole galaxy to enjoy.

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