Rebots is a first-person puzzle adventure game where you climaform planets in your galaxy to suit picky aliens. Fly between asteroids and planets with your crew of (mostly) intelligent Rebots, exploring ecosystems of wacky plants and animals.



They march and help out wherever they can at the command of the supervisors. Take good care of them.


The bee is a master that teaches you want you need to be taught.


Shows you goals and clues as recipes so you can fulfil all the wishes of your alien clientele.


There is a thermo and poisometer embedded in its head so you can trust that it will always show you accurate weather information and if there are any clouds above.


Simple, yet effective. Get workers in its influence and it will show them the way.

Resource Splitter

The first resource in it’s vicinity will get sent in one direction, every other resource will be sent in another direction.

Worker Splitter

Splits the direction of every other worker in its vicinity.


The most fundamental supervisor in your crew. Press the big red button to get your supervisors and workers on the asteroid so they can get started working. Chop Chop.


Get those blocky curves on top of a collection of mushrooms or a bush of mintnuts and your workers will (you would never have guessed) pick those things up.


The opposite effect of the PickUp. Great for depositing important (or useless) resources.


Get the various flora to the vaporizer, and you will see transformation happen before your very optics.


Bit self-explanatory, but you can combine resources here and the combiner will create tasty surprises for the whole galaxy to enjoy.


Blasting the latest alien-pop from those 7.1 bass surround hi-fi. It makes the wildlife do interesting things...give it a go.

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