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Rebots Roundup #6

2020 has been a crazy year so far but Rebots have come a long way in this period. What’s upcoming is even crazier, so let’s see what we have in store in the upcoming months.


Plot & Cutscene

We have been working on the cutscene for the beginning of the game, which sets up the story of Rebots as well as introduces the player character.

Asteroid & Job Generation

We have been working on systems to procedurally generate core parts of the game – asteroid field, asteroid terrains and biomes and jobs – and these systems will power the core gameplay of Rebots.

Mission Selection

Mission selection to explore the galaxy and carry out the player characters aspirations is another crucial aspect of Rebots we are currently prototyping.

Progression and economy systems

The final – larger – aspect of Rebots that we’ll probably work on in 2020 is related to progression and pacing – how players purchase ship upgrades, hire supervisors for jobs or unlock player upgrades, as these are necessary so we can get into the gameplay stuff.


The 4 major work packages from 2020 allows us to start 2021 by focusing on developing the core gameplay of Rebots and adding content. We plan to introduce new climaforming vectors, supervisors, critters, resources and aliens to expand the Rebots universe.

Along with the the new gameplay content we are also considering other features such as:

  • Codex – An information system (think encyclopedia or journal) that would give players information about mechanics, tutorials, entities as they progress through Rebots.
  • Haulers – Attachments to your spaceship, haulers would help carry your crew of Rebots around the galaxy as well as help transport resources or critters around. Like a sci-fi version of a car trailer.
  • Upgrades – Upgrading your operation, your ship and character.

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