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Rebots Roundup #3

Hej Rebots and RebotsFriends! 😉

Get ready for Rebots Roundup #3. In this episode, we are going to address information systems and our approach to tutorial redesign. 

We said in the post from 2 weeks ago that we want to improve how we help you understand 3 things about playing Rebots: 

  1. Interactions – What can you do 
  2. Objectives – What do you need to do 
  3. Conversions – How do you achieve the above and can get information if you forget 

Our strategy for redesigning the tutorial is to build it up into independent modules, to avoid dependencies breaking when we inevitably make changes or introduce new mechanics to Rebots down the line. Each module will be its self-contained tutorial teaching specific things to the player such as movement, moving workers, connecting supervisors, etc. We have identified a total of 13 different possible ways that we (can) give information in Rebots (uuh) and we are currently focusing on 4 systems in our goal to redesign the tutorial into these modules: Objectives, Notifications, Conversations and Phone Call (Hints). 

Objectives are goals that we will present along the left hand side of the screen. They will be ticked off, updated as the player progresses through the module. 

Notifications are the white text at the bottom of the screen. This will appear when the tutorial state is active. 

A Conversation is exactly what it says on the tin. A Conversation initiated by the player that is clicked through. It will have text and an icon on the left hand side that – to indicate who is talking 

A Phone Call is a conversation that is not initiated by the player. It is instead initiated by an event in the tutorial system. The player must click through this Conversation. 

Objective UI Prototype Design
Notification Text (as-is in the game currently)

We are currently in prototyping phase with the reworking of the tutorial and we are looking forward to sharing with you soon 😉 Have a lovely weekend to you all!

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