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Rebots Roundup #2

Hej Rebots and RebotsFriends 😉

Last week I said we were working on:

  1. Reworking the tutorial systems,
  2. A new conversation system,
  3. An intro cutscene and
  4. A new asteroid generation algorithm.

I’ll go in depth with the 4th point (asteroid generation stuff) cause we have some super exciting and very early experimental prototype stuff there to share. (Will share more on the other stuff in the coming weeks). So let’s jump into it!

There are 4 things we are looking to achieve with the our algorithms/systems.

  1. Generate an asteroid field which creates asteroids where jobs take place
  2. Generate jobs for the player to complete
  3. Generate asteroid mesh for every asteroid
  4. Generate terrain for those asteroids

First, we are prototyping to generate an asteroid field where each sphere is an asteroid.

Each sphere is a different asteroid, the different colours signify what type of asteroid they are (white – ice, red – volcano, etc) and the blue in the middle is the SpacePort. The connections between the different asteroids signify distance and what kind of upgrade the player would need to get to those asteroids.

Asteroid field generation

Second, we are prototyping to generate jobs for the different alien factions in the game (Poople, Trevors, etc). Each alien faction would have a climate profile with different dimensions they expect and the player’s mission would be to get asteroids from the field to match the climate of that asteroid to the climate profile of the alien as well as other arbitrary missions.

Thirdly, we are prototyping to generate asteroid meshes dynamically.

Asteroid mesh generation

Finally, we are prototyping to generate the terrain on these asteroids with defining different biomes (where mushrooms spawn, where cliffs spawn, etc).

Asteroid terrain and biome generation

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