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Rebots Roundup #9

Tutorial 0.3

In this Rebots Roundup, we are going to introduce the next iteration of our tutorial.

Tutorials are super important because they are usually the first things that people come across in a game when they launch it, so we wanted to make sure that our tutorial leaves a good impression and at the same time teaches the basics of Rebots.

Our approach for the next iteration of the tutorial was to create the beginning of the game in a way that does not necessarily feel like a tutorial, but as if you are already playing the game. For this reason we set up the structure that you can see on the image below.


As you can see, the player starts on level 1, goes to mission selection (which is rather an asteroid selection screen), then to the spaceport and the same process repeats one more time. This structure allows us to introduce core gameplay elements to the player (spawning Rebots, interacting with them, travelling between asteroids and the spaceport, shopping, etc) one step at the time while it feels like they are already on their adventure climaforming the galaxy and building relationship with aliens.

The first level starts with Sybastian greeting the player as they’ve just landed on a planet to complete their first job. On this first job, the player has to learn how to move around, get Rebots spawned with the crew tool and interact with them with the logistics tool. Finally, they need to change the climate to fit the needs of the client and then call them in so they can move into their new home. 

The first spaceport visit in the tutorial is about teaching the player what’s possible to do there. There are 3 objectives: 1) Get a new job, 2) Buy the scanner and 3) Hire the PutDown supervisor. These 3 actions – getting a job, upgrading and hiring new crew members – are fundamental for progressing in Rebots. 

On the second level of the tutorial, the player learns how to operate the PutDown supervisor, recycle supervisors for more energy and use the scanner. 

On the second visit to the spaceport, the player gets to unlock their first ship upgrade, which will allow them to visit asteroids blocked by certain obstacles in space. With this concludes the formal tutorial and the player is let loose in the galaxy with the mission to climaform as many asteroids as possible for the alien clients.

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