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Rebots Roundup #10

In this post I’ll just give you an update on what happened in the last 2 months, where we are now with Rebots and where we are going in the following weeks.

What did we work on in the last 2 months? 

Iterating on and refining the core gameplay elements of Rebots. These main features are:

  • Asteroid & Job Generation Systems (Rebots Roundup #2)
  • Tutorial (Rebots Roundup #3 & #4)
  • Mission Selection (Rebots Roundup #7)
  • Shops & Economy (Rebots Roundup #8)

Where are we now?

In the past 2 weeks we have been focused on getting an A-Z flow of Rebots ready. This means that after starting a new game a player can

  • Go through (or skip) a tutorial that teaches the core mechanics of Rebots
  • Get a generated job on a generated asteroid
  • Select a suitable planet for the specific job on a Mission Selection screen
  • Land on the planet and complete the given objective (e.g. temperature below a certain level)
  • Return to the spaceport and upgrade their operation by hiring new supervisors, buying upgrades for themselves and their ship to get to further away planets

Where are we going?

Currently the focus for us is to bring all the above mentioned features together into a cohesive package creating an adventure to realize the vision for Rebots. And to fix bugs. Yes. Always.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks and let us know if you or anyone you know would like to test Rebots.

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