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Rebots Roundup #1

Hejo Rebots and RebotsFriends 😉

It’s the end of the week and I wanted to do a small write up of what we’ve been working on these past 2 weeks on Rebots since the last update on Steam so you can all see what’s coming.

Our main focus has been mostly design related. We’ve gotten lots of great feedback in September on some of the new designs/prototypes we implemented and we have been mulling over them internally on how to best address them (and collecting even more feedback).

Here’s a brief outline of some of the major features the team is working on these days:

  • Reworking the tutorial systems because we want to address 3 things we’ve been getting a lot of feedback on (both internally and externally):

1) Interactions – What can the player do

2) Objectives – What does the player need to do

3) Conversions – How does the player achieve the above and can get information if they forget

Rebots is a complex game where we have a lot of gameplay information and we would like to improve how that information is available for the players. We’ll definitely have more to share about this in the coming weeks and we are looking forward to you trying these out.

  • New conversation system (w/ Yarn) to better flesh out conversations with our Aliens going forward
  • An intro cutscene to introduce the player character, their motivation, background and set the stage for the story
  • New asteroid generation algorithm for a more varied job experience

We have a lot more smaller polish and usability improvements running parallel to this based on the feedback we get from playtests (such as that pickup supervisor extendo-leg silliness).

Have a nice weekend!

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